Therefore we try to participate in keeping a healthy planet! All our products are made to last a long time. Durability is key to our sustainability efforts as a longer lifetime reduces the need for new products.


During the design process and production of our products we aim to reduce the use of plastic packaging and use as much recycled materials for our products as possible. For example, our items like the Eco Sleeping bag Copenhagen (21NH) and the Toiletry Bag Beijing-350 (21ZG) are made of recycled materials and all our Abbey Camp Sleeping bags and Picnic plaids have a recycled polyester filling.
Next, we strive to produce all our waterproof and water repellent products PFC-free.

Abbey Camp is a brand of Schreuders Sport International. Do you want to find out what initiatives we take to contribute to a better world? Click here to discover!


& re-use

Reducing materials such as cardboard, metal and plastic is the norm in our warehouses. In addition, we reduce the usage of fossil fuels for electricity due to our 2.000 solor panels, which ensure that we are not only CO2-neutral, but overall we deliver green electricity back into the grid.

Excellent working conditions​

Schreuders Sport is a member of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) and Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). Affiliated organisations place high priority on ensuring responsible working conditions. In addition to Schreuders Sport's own efforts, the FTA and BSCI ensure for the continuous improvement of working conditions with their independent inspections, training programmes and informational services.


Safe, high-quality products have been the driving force of our company for a hundred years. We only sell products that have been extensively tested according to strict standards and guidelines. Reliable testing bodies such as Intertek, SGS and TUV inspect our productions for aspects including sharp edges, parts that can be swallowed or harmful substances.

certified by:

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