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Our collection has everything you need to spend your leisure time in a memorable way! Our collection of outdoor products spans into 3 different categories: move & carry, sleep & relax and sit & enjoy, so Abbey Camp has all the gear you need for enjoying outdoor and leisure activities.
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We believe that outdoor adventures have a big positive impact on our lives; they give you a sense of freedom and joy. With decades of experience, we create and design products that you can trust and rely on, and which give you the flexibility to move around and discover new places. Find our products like, camping lights, foldable wash tubs, portable fans, laundry bags, toiletry bags, hiking canes, foldable shovels, drinking bottles, backpacks, waist bags.


Nothing beats the outdoors! Our functional gear has been developed in such a manner that you can comfortably sleep & relax in the outdoors, so you are able to upload your energy during the night. Discover our sleeping bags, camping beds, mosquito nets and travel pillows.


It is our mission to deliver products that enable you to sit together and enjoy sharing your stories after your day adventures. Feel free to experience our collection of folding chairs, wind screens, picnic plaids and different kind of camping chairs.


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